BISTU Labor Union Holds Seminar on “Keeping a Beginner’s Mind in Education”

By Thu, 13 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 12th December, 2018, (BISTU)— BISTU Faculty Lounge at Xiaoying Campus welcomes Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and Lu Lei, member of Standing Commission of CPC BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department to attend the seminar themed on “Fifty years in life, keeping a beginner’s mind in education”, a seminar and celebration ceremony for faculties and staff who are just fifty years old. The seminar is hosted by Professor Hu Sa, part-time Vice Chairman of BISTU Trade Union. 

On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee, Wang Chuanliang extends sincere greetings to faculties and staff who are just fifty this year. “The dragon will either soar to the sky or remain in the deepthere is nothing to blame in either case.” Wang Chuanliang quotes Yijing (also known as Classic of Changes) to explain the laws of life development and how to respond to the fiftieth year---investing efforts without strong desire for results. He says that the age of fifty, with accumulation in previous years, indicates a peak of one’s life. He points out that sentiment environment in “construction of five environments” advocates “giving enough room to individuals, sharing advantage, feeling happy for others’ achievement, and helping each other” and aims to build a sentiment environment of mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, and full of humanity spirit. Now the University is on a key phase of development. It is hoped that faculties and staff who have rich experiences and accumulated competences could bring their strengths into full play and contribute to “construction of five environments” as well as reform and development of the University. 

Faculties and staff share their experiences in devotion to education. Wang Xingfen, Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School and Director of Postgraduate Office, talks about her experiences and participation in development of the University. She says that individual life is closely connected with development of the University. It is in the University where each faculty and staff has the opportunity of growth and development. And united, coordinated and endeavored spirit of faculties and staff contributes to development of BISTU. Secretary Cao Jinhong of CPC BISTU School of Automation Committee and Chairlady of School Trade Union shares her experiences in work and learning. Chang Cheng from School of Electromechanical Engineering says that the University is a warm home and it is a pleasure to participate in, contribute to and witness the development of the University. Ma Li from Office for Infrastructure Construction shares his experiences of working at BISTU as a demobilized ex-serviceman. He says that he would spare no efforts to construction of the New Campus. 

Days without Regrets at BISTU, a video on life and work of faculties and staff who are just fifty this year, is shown to all participants of the seminar. Birthday cards are presented to faculties and staff whose birthdays are in this month. Liang Yanli from School of Marxism gives a performance of poetry recitation. 

BISTU Trade Union also prepares birthday cakes. Wang Chuanliang and faculties and staff light up birthday candles and extend best wishes for their birthdays. Xiao Xiao, piano supervisor of BISTU, also sends her best wishes to faculties and staff with beautiful melodies.