Wang Yongsheng Conducts Inspection on Winter Fire Control on Campus

By Tue, 11 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 10th December, 2018, (BISTU)— Winter is a high-incidence season for fire hazard. President Wang Yongsheng and Vice President Liu Yong conduct inspection on Qinghe Campus for fire safety on campus on the afternoon of 10th December 2018.  

Wang Yongsheng carefully inspects firefighting equipment in boiler room, public bathrooms, dormitory for staff of logistics, etc. and pays special attention to neglected corners of public hygiene and unfrequented corners of fire-fighting. With regard to problems found in inspection, he requests that issues which could be handled shall be settled on site. Those which cannot be solved immediately shall be given importance and be resolved in a timely manner.   

Wang Yongsheng points out that every detail in campus safety deserves enough attention. The responsibility concerning safety is as weighty as a mountain. It remains an important part of safety and security of BISTU to eliminate potential fire hazards and preventing safety accidents from happening. All divisions and institutions of the University must give priority to safety of life and property of faculties and staff and students. Wang Yongsheng stresses that not only detailed plans shall be made for fire control but also measures of safety shall be fully implemented so as to comprehensively enhance safety and security on campuses. Wang Yongsheng requests that all divisions and institutions shall make corresponding planning for fire control in that winter is a season of high-risk in fire hazards. All hidden dangers shall be explored by coordinated work of all divisions. No corner of the University shall be left unfrequented so that fire hazard would be prevented before it starts.  

The inspection group also includes directors of Office for Security, Office for Logistics Management, and General Administration Office.