Chen Gang Meets with Tallinn University Delegation

By Fri, 07 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 7th December, 2018, (BISTU)--- Memorandum of Cooperation is signed on 6th December between BISTU and Tallinn University of Estonia on the meeting between BISTU Vice President Chen Gang and Prof. Katrin Niglas, Vice Rector for Research of Tallinn University. Both institutions reach consensus on exploration of cooperation in the field of talent cultivation, faculty exchange, and collaborative research.    


On behalf of the University, Chen Gang extends warmest welcome to Tallinn University delegation and points out that BISTU aims at build a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. Tallinn University has successfully applied research of information technology to the whole process of teaching and research. Therefore both institutions are highly fit with each other in terms of research collaboration and construction of academic discipline clusters in information technology. The solid foundation this is laid for concrete cooperation between both institutions in respect of joint cultivation of undergraduate and postgraduate students, research collaboration, and faculty training. We look forward to substantive cooperation with Tallinn University in a broader spectrum and on a deeper level.    


Niglas offers a detailed introduction to Estonia and Tallinn University and expresses that this is the very first contact of Tallinn University with a university in Beijing. Tallinn University has been fully aware of the importance of educational internationalization. It has offered degree programs on bachelor, master and doctoral level delivered in English as well as a number of international exchange programs. After reviewing course syllabi of BISTU, Tallinn University will try to initiate collaborative program as early as possible.  

The Tallinn University delegation members also include Peter Normark, Dean of School of Digital Technology. Deputy Director of Foreign Expert Department of Beijing Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau. The meetings and discussion are also attended by Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department and Dean of School of International Education, Vice Dean Zhang Yangsen of School of Computer Science, and Li Zhuo, Assistant to Dean of School of Computer Science.