BISTU Faculty Lounge Passes Acceptance Check by Beijing Municipal Education Union

By Fri, 07 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 6th December, 2018, (BISTU)— Working Group of Acceptance Check headed by Vice Chairman Zhu Jingping of Beijing Municipal Education Union and Chairman Wang Yan of Labor Union of Tsinghua University visits BISTU Faculty Lounge and reviews appraisal reported delivered by President Wang Yongsheng and working report of the Faculty Lounge delivered by Wang Xiuyan, Deputy Secretary General of CPC BISTU Committee and Chairlady of BISTU Labor Union. The meeting is attended by members of executive committee of teachers’ assembly, members of BISTU Labor Union, directors of relating divisions, and representatives of faculties.    


On behalf of the University, Wang Yongsheng extends warm welcome to the experts. He reviews construction of Faculty Lounge in respect of great importance from CPC BISTU Committee, democratic management system of the University, safeguarding interest of faculties and staff, serving faculties and staff, and enhancement of team building. Wang Yongsheng points out that CPC BISTU Committee has been long attaching great importance to Labor Union. Active participation of faculties and staff in labor union work has helped establish a sound mechanism for implementation of proposals raised by university-level and school-level representatives of faculties and staff. Wang Yongsheng expresses that the University will attach importance to and support work of the Labor Union with increasingly perfected working mechanism in respect of construction of Faculty Lounge. New contributions are expected to be made to development of the University in the future.  

In her report, Wang Xiuyan expresses that vitality of grass-root level is motivated in the process of enhancing lounge construction for faculties and staff and consolidating the work of Labor Union. Now the Union is an even more attractive organization and the University becomes a home to all faculties and staff. Firstly, the University has brought the role of faculty representatives into full play and enhanced democratic construction of the University. Secondly, the Union has paid close attention to living of faculties and staff and helped them solve actual difficulties in life. Thirdly, quality and competence of faculties and staff is improved with construction of education with focus on morality. Fourthly, cultural and physical activities on campus are organization and a number of branding activities have been conducted. And fifthly, the Union has further consolidated foundation of work and promoted development of the Labor Union. Experiences on construction of faculty lounges are also shared by Han Junyan, Chairman of Labor Union of Computer Science School and Bai Xuefeng, a teacher representative of School of Automation.  


Centered on report by Wang Xiu Yan and a self-evaluation report on construction of qualified faculty lounges at BISTU, experts raise corresponding questions on construction of labor unions and the role of faculty representatives. Then the experts pay visit to two faculty lounges on Xiaoying Campus.  


On the feedback meeting followed, experts speak highly of relating work at BISTU on construction of faculty lounges. They hold that with correct leadership of CPC BISTU Committee the University has made effective work in construction of faculty lounges, democratic management and supervision, safeguarding legitimate interest of faculties and staff, enhancing team building, and construction of harmonious cultural atmosphere on campus. The roles of Labor Union and faculty representatives are brought into full play. The experts expect that the role of faculty representatives in democratic management and supervision could be further enhanced, theoretical research of labor unions strengthened, and competence and quality of labor union administrators enhanced. And finally Faculty Lounge of BISTU successfully passes acceptance check of Beijing Municipal Education Union and the plaque is presented by Zhu Jingping.  


On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee, Wang Xiuyan extends thanks to experts for recognition and acceptance of faculty lounge construction at BISTU. She says that the University will keep on going in perfecting lounges, safeguarding interest of all faculties and staff, and uniting and mobilizing faculties and staff in contribution to reform and development of the University.  


On behalf of Beijing Municipal Education Union, Zhu Jingping sends congratulations to successful passage of BISTU Faculty Lounge in acceptance check. She raises requirements for future work relating to faculty lounges. Firstly, leadership of CPC BISTU Committee of Labor Union shall be enhanced. Ideological education for faculties and staff shall be able to do as the Party says and follow the Party’s lead. Secondly, the role of Labor Union shall be strengthened in education with focus on morality. Thirdly, it is necessary to promote regulation on democratic construction with help of faculty representatives. And fourthly, a better faculty lounge requests innovated carrier and sufficient, more varied activities. Labor union’s work shall be touching and able to reach to a deeper level.